Extend with Beans

All of our themes are built as child-themes of the Beans WordPress framework, making them incredibly easy to extend.

Beans aims to make your life easier, by providing a set of tools to speed up theme and plugin development.

HTML / Mark-up

The Mark-up API gives you full control over your theme or plugins mark-up. Add or remove attributes, move things around, remove theme elements and more. This feature alone will make you fall in love with Beans. For realz.


The Image API makes modifying your images quick and painless. Easily mockup different layouts and flush your images when you’re done. No more image re-sized images bloat. Yay!

Actions / Filters

The Actions API provides you with a toolbox of useful actions and filters, for quick and efficient development. We live by the mantr, D.R.Y. – Don’t Repeat Yourself.


The UIkit API integrates the awesome UIkit front-end framework, giving you access to the entire library of components and full control over which get loaded where. Crazy cool!


The Fields API makes it easy to add (and retrieve) form options to your posts, custom post-types, taxonomies, option pages and the WordPress Customizer. Combined with UIkit and page templates, it’s easy to create re-usable plugins for your clients.


The Compiler API performs a few key functions, that keep all our Beans-based themes nice and zippy. Apart from compiling your .less files, it handles the on-demand caching and combines all the assets in your <head>.

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